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Empowering contactless cards for e­-commerce payments. For the first time, iAxept makes SCA compliant, card-present credit and debit transactions for e­-commerce possible. All you need is a contactless card, a mobile device, and one tap. That’s all it takes.

iAxept Explained

iAxept is a unique technology that delivers what everyone in online shopping is waiting for: the speed and convenience of contactless payments – online. Based on proven technologies, iAxept provides robust, SCA-compliant security measures for fast, simple online shopping. And consumers love it. To find out more.

Who Benefits

iAxept gives consumers the convenience of contactless payments when shopping online. Recent surveys consistently show that more than nine in ten consumers have abandoned online transactions because of complex checkout requirements. Research also shows that consumers would even pay more for online items if the shopping experience were better. iAxept removes the complicated requirements consumers experience today, replacing them with the world’s most popular and fastest-growing payment method – contactless – in a secure, compliant online environment.

iAxept is SCA compliant and treated as a card-present transaction, reducing card-not-present fraud risk. What’s more, iAxept’s ease and simplicity reduce cart abandonment at online check-out, increasing sales and profits for merchants. In a 2019 study, 59% of consumers said that iAxept would encourage them to shop more online. Furthermore, a 2019 GoCardless study showed 23% would shop less if they have to deal with more online security following the introduction of SCA in September 2019.

iAxept drives up card usage online compared with other payment methods, increasing interchange revenues and profitability by removing checkout friction from the e-commerce payment process. The system offers a safe, quick and easy payment method identical to a card present transaction, which removes card-not-present fraud concerns. iAxept also responds to compliance concerns relating to PSD2/SCA.

iAxept helps Acquirers and PSPs to generate rapid expansion in credit and debit card use online. e-commerce is rising at 7-8% per year across Europe, but Acquirers and PSPs can expect much faster revenue growth in this category with iAxept, as consumers switch to card payment in more categories thanks to iAxept.

iAxept opens MNOs a no-risk, no-cost, no-support, no-maintenance, no-regulatory-burden opportunity to earn new recurring revenue as % of the total value of the eCommerce payments made by your subscribers. In other words, we pay you!

iAxept Online Contactless can be used for top up pre-paid phones with one tap – reducing the transaction cost, eliminating the Card-Not-Present fraud and generating increased customer loyalty and profit per user. With iAxept Online Contactless, consumers can do online shopping on any device – PCs, laptops, tablets , smart TVs or mobile phones, and then make the payment by tapping a Contactless card on their mobile phones.

iAxept Online Contactless offers MNOs the chance to experience continuous profit improvement as consumer use of e-commerce over mobile devices increases.



Easy. Secure. Fast.
In a word: frictionless.

Contactless is the world’s fastest-growing payment method, with 90% of consumers in most European countries opting for contactless payment where it is available, and rapid growth in North America and Asia.

iAxept’s contactless payments are SCA compliant and treated as card-present transactions, meaning additional checks for card-not-present transactions are not required, and CNP fraud risk is reduced. Consumer friction is also reduced – one tap is all it takes.


Thanks to

iAxept online contactless is the most convenient way for a consumer to pay online without inserting or storing any payment card data. It is also convenient for merchants – just have the payment button inserted on your payment page to avoid any Card-Not-Present (CNP) or Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) hassle: this also applies to acquirers and PSPs.

For Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), nothing could be easier than iAxept. iAxept is not a wallet and does not require “bank grade” financial scrutiny for MNOs. iAxept benefits everyone, improving customer loyalty and revenues thanks to a convenient, frictionless payment experience.


It scales,
and it scales fast

Because iAxept does not require passwords or registrations, it is easy for consumers to learn to use, particularly given the rising popularity of contactless payments and e-commerce. In a recent test, 60% of consumers who expressed an interest in iAxept wanted to start using it immediately, and 67% said they found it “fast, and easy to use.” This translates into increased revenues and rapid growth for your business.

As a cloud-based solution using the same security measures as hardware terminals, there’s no limit to how fast you can scale your business with iAxept.


2FA, SCA and PSD2 compliance

iAxept’s system uses two-factor authentication (2FA)– the presence of a payment card and PIN when required for higher-value transactions. This makes iAxept compliant with the EU’s Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandate, part of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), which comes into force in September 2019. Be SCA compliant with iAxept.

Simple prepaid phone topups

One tap is all it takes: with iAxept, there’s no more entering card numbers or passwords to top up mobile devices. All iAxept needs is a single tap of the payment card against the user’s mobile device. It’s this simplicity which has made iAxept so popular among consumers in test environments.

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Our Vision

At iAxept, we believe paying online should be as easy, fast and secure as contactless payments in physical shops. One tap is all it takes.

The Frequent Travellers

Maria and Roberto love to travel around Europe. Back home, they’re used to paying for everything online. But with so many countries, languages and websites, even paying for a train ticket can be a pain. iAxept takes the hassle and security risk out of the payment process. Thanks to iAxept, they can make a card-present payment with just one tap from the payment page of any website. It’s easy, fast and secure.

The Everyday Shopper

Audrey is from Paris. She uses iAxept to pay for everything she does online. With iAxept, paying for theatre tickets is as easy as paying for a cup of coffee – one tap is all it takes. Her payments are fast, secure and simple.

The Online Browser

Thomas from Finland uses iAxept for all his internet shopping. Like more than a third of all European consumers, he doesn’t like giving his card details away online to people he doesn’t know or trust. With iAxept, he can pay for many goods and services online with just one tap – no need to enter any personal details. For larger purchases, he simply enters a PIN number in the iAxept App to pay for anything, no matter what the price. Even when shopping at home, iAxept makes Thomas’s online purchases easy, safe and fast – which encourages him to shop more online.

The technology behind iAxept

iAxept’s solution combines the security of smartcard hardware with the cost effectiveness and unlimited scalability of the cloud. Adding iAxept’s speed, scaleability and security to the strengths of today’s mobile devices will create a new world-wide solution for the payments industry, based on existing proven standards. iAxept is also a Visa Technology Partner, which enables us to benefit from Visa’s global experience.

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